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Rosa is a non-profit

Our mission is to change society to improve lives. That’s why we chose to become a non-profit: a social organizational model that matches our aspirations.

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Rosa is financed by social impact funding

Like any project, Rosa needs funding.

We partner with social impact funds. These funds use their financial means to support innovative projects like ours, so we can focus on creating social change.

These first few years, Rosa will be fully funded by the Partena Promeris social impact fund. We’re very grateful for its financial support and trust.

How will Rosa become financially sustainable? Will you stay free forever?

We’re actively developing sustainable ways to cover our expenses. Thanks to our current social impact funding, we have the time to explore solutions – like donations or funding from national healthcare systems. Belgium’s National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI), for example, has announced it may soon start financing mobile apps that improve citizens’ health.

You can compare our business model to that of Wikipedia. This non-profit’s encyclopedia is a free-forever product too. Once users understood Wikipedia’s value, no one questioned the need to help fund its encyclopedia. We’re working hard to repeat the story with Rosa.