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Rosa is committed to keep your data private and secure.

At Rosa, we know that health and medical data are amongst the most private and sensitive data about us. We fiercely defend your privacy rights, in full compliance with the European GDPR legislation, and make sure your data remains secure, as demonstrated by our ISO27001 certification. 


Rosa is committed to protect your data

✔ We implement a wide range of security measures and explore new technologies to ensure your data remains protected.

✔ Data protection and confidentiality is at the core of our developments.

✔ We help you keep your account protected, with a robust password.

✔ We regularly undergo third-party audits and regulatory controls.

✔ We follow and push the highest security industry standards.

✔ We pledge to use technologies responsibly, such as AI tools.

✔ Our ISO27001 certification serves as a proof of our commitment to safeguard your data and ensure your trust.

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Rosa enforces the privacy of your data

✔ Your data is kept in European data centers.

✔ We do not and will never sell your data or your patients' data.

✔ We will always process your data in accordance with Belgian and European laws, including the GDPR.

✔ We always have patients' and practitioners' data privacy into mind when developing our solutions.

On top of these actions, Rosa is dedicated to make data privacy easy for you. In our privacy policy, we explain what data is collected, how it's protected, and how it enhances your experience, making it effortless.


You think you discovered a vulnerability?

We consider the security of our systems a top priority. But no matter how much effort we put into system security, there can still be vulnerabilities.

If you discover a vulnerability, we kindly ask you to help us better protect our clients and our systems. Our goal is to address it as quickly as possible. 
Please follow the steps laid out in our Responsible disclosure policy.

You have a question ?

Visit our Knowledge Base or send us an email at