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Frequently asked questions

Will it really take 5 minutes to set up?

Yes, depending on your use of Rosa:

  • Signing up and activating your Rosa Profile will take you less than 5 minutes.
  • Setting up Rosa Calendar takes between 20 minutes and 1 hour, depending on your needs and your way of working.
  • Implementing Rosa eBilling will be a piece of cake, thanks to the help of our team.


Can I migrate my data?

Yes, but only if your current solution allows it.

Reach out to your current provider to get your data and let us do the migration for you.

What's free? What's not?

Rosa offers free solutions for health professionals recognized by the NIHII: the Rosa Profile and Rosa Calendar. 

Rosa also offers premium plans for health professionals that want to use a selected set of features in Rosa Profile, Rosa Calendar and/or Rosa eBilling. Learn more about them on our pricing page.

Do I need a NIHII-number to join Rosa?

Yes, our sign-up process will ask for your NIHII number. Rosa has developed its products specifically for health professionals recognized by the NIHII, hence why having a NIHII-number is a prerequisite. 

However, we understand that some specialties are not yet recognized by the NIHII. Rosa makes an exception to this rule for practitioners reimbursed by mutualities such as psychologists and osteopaths who have a visa number. If this is the case for you, contact us at with your visa number, and we will set up your account.

Can I use Rosa in my group practice?

Yes, Rosa is just as easy to use in a group practice as in a solo practice.

You can simply add your colleagues and/or support staff as users to the account. Afterwards, they receive an email to setup their password. They will have their own login credentials and own calendar.

You'll then be able to give your colleagues specific view accesses to your calendar.