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Rosa Calendar

Get booked

Allow patients and staff to book appointments while following your rules.
Optimize your work schedule by eliminating gaps and reducing no-shows.


How health professionals are booked today

By your support staff
By your patients online

By your telesecretrary


 ✔ Get your Rosa Calendar filled in effortlessly.
Discover how Rosa makes it work for you.

Get booked by patients

Activate and personalize online booking

Allow patients to book appointments online on your own terms. You both receive a confirmation email, and the appointment is directly added to your calendar.

You keep the control over your agenda, and don't get disturbed by non-urgent phone calls or emails.


Reduce no-shows

Automatically send appointment confirmations and reminders

Reduce no-shows by automatically sending appointment reminders to your patients by email and/or SMS*.

Customize those emails to make sure patient show up prepared to their appointment.

*SMS reminders are part of our premium plan 

Control your calendar easily

Manage your appointment at any time, from anywhere

Rosa Calendar is accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Easily manage your daily schedule, keep track of appointments with patients, and stay updated on their status at any given moment.


Adapt it to your practice

Tailor your agenda to your way of working

Whether you work alone, in a group practice or at the hospital, Rosa Calendar is made for you. 

Personalize your motives, schedules and what your colleagues can see in your calendar in a few clicks.

Like your patients, go digital with your Rosa Calendar today!

Discover how Rosa makes it work for you.

Rosa Calendar works


✔ If you work alone


✔ If you work with colleagues or support staff


If you work on multiple sites

With Rosa, the data in your calendar is yours.

We don't play around: you're the owner of your data and your patients' data. Rosa is only there to provide you with tools to ease your life.
We never access your data without your consent.


Use your Rosa Profile to allow patients to book an appointment, on your own terms.

Be found on Google and by existing and new patients.

"My patients think the online booking option is really useful, they don’t need to call me anymore"
Antoine Pierard, Physiotherapist