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Rosa Profile

Be found

Let your (existing and future) patients find you easily online with a professionally optimized profile.


How your patients search today


Allow your patients to easily find you online with your Rosa Profile.
It only takes 5 minutes to set it up.

Be found online

Allow patients to easily find you online

With your Rosa Profile, your patients find you effortlessly when they are searching online, whether they search by your name or your specialty.

Your profile is optimized to be found from Google, Bing (and all other search engines) and is part of the Rosa registry (


Get new patients

Be found by new patients

Develop your practice by allowing new patients to discover you when searching for your specialty in your region. 

Adapt your communication to those new patients and welcome them with a specific message and instructions.

Communicate easily

Showcase your practice and keep your patients informed

Highlight your expertise and experience and give a great first impression of your practice.

Communicate key information (contact details, address of your practice, payment method accepted, your availabilities...) to reduce non-urgent phone calls and emails. 


How does it work if I already have a website? 

That's fine! Here is how other health professionals do it:

▭ Button on your website
Some practitioners integrate a "Book a consultation" button on their website that redirects to their Rosa Profile for appointment booking.

♡ Free website
Some practitioners use Rosa Profile as their free website, as it includes all relevant information on how and where you practice and allows online booking.


Activate online booking

Integrate with Rosa Calendar and activate online booking

Allow patients to book an appointment online on your own terms. You can both receive a confirmation email, and the appointment is directly added to your calendar.

You keep the control over your agenda, and don't get disturbed by phone calls or emails.

Like your patients, go digital with your Rosa Profile!

It only takes 5 minutes to set up your Rosa Profile

Rosa Profile works

✔ If you work alone


✔ If you work in a group practice


If you work in a hospital


At Rosa, we only work with your consent.

Rosa will never create a profile with your personal data without your consent. You are the owner of your data: you decide which data you choose to share on your Rosa Profile, and you can modify or remove it at any moment.

The profiles on Rosa are all made by health professionals themselves, or their organization (group practice/hospital) on their behalf.


Use Rosa Calendar to allow patients to book an appointment, on your own terms

Decide when patients can book an appointment online in your Rosa Calendar and manage your appointments from anywhere, at anytime.

"My Rosa Profile allowed me to be found by new patients (4 last week!)"
Mélanie Antoine, Dietitian