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We share a single vision: creating change to improve lives

Team members

To shape the future of healthcare, we rely on a team of over 40 professionals. Have a look at our LinkedIn page to meet the entire team.

Sebastien Deletaille - Chief Executive Officer

Sebastien Deletaille

Chief Executive Officer
François-Xavier Orban - Chief Product Officer

François-Xavier Orban

Chief Product Officer
Antoine Pairet - Chief Technology Officer

Antoine Pairet

Chief Technology Officer
Elisa Della Corte - Developer & QA

Elisa Della Corte

Developer & QA
Astrid Fabri - Digital Marketing

Astrid Fabri

Digital Marketing
Jonas Keppens - Product Designer

Jonas Keppens

Product Designer

Our values

Our values may be big words, but they guide everything we do at Rosa. We align our words and actions with these values, letting them inspire our work.

Sometimes, when two values collide, we have to make difficult choices. Here are our priorities:

At Rosa, we value

While we want our team to be happy, we all know happiness can come and go. But having meaning in life – serving the greater good and doing the best you can for others – gives you something to hold on to.

At Rosa, we value

We dream of patient-centric healthcare: a system that understands patients, reduces friction and rethinks the way it works.

Our current healthcare system is sometimes more interested in its own rules than its users. We’re eager to change this dynamic and put patients first again.

At Rosa, we value

Our ambition is to bring about large-scale change, but in a humane way. We want people to champion progress – a belief we’ve encapsulated in Rosa’s oath.

Technology shapes our lives. While accelerating that trend has benefits, we use our software to support health professionals, not automate them.

At Rosa, we value

Need inspires invention. Which is why we constantly work to understand the why, how, where and when. Our deep understanding of health professionals’ needs allowed us to develop an excellent yet simple product.

While solutions help address problems, we don’t want to switch straight to solution mode: we always start with exploration, to make sure we fully understand what our users need.

At Rosa, we value

We value mental and physical wellbeing. To help others, you need to be strong yourself. A doctor bedridden with the flu will have a hard time taking care of patients.

So while being dependable is necessary for a team to function, we ask our team members put their health first.

At Rosa, we value

We want to build a world that favors prevention over care. That proactively improves quality of life rather than waiting for illness to occur. This also applies to our new releases: done is better than perfect.

Of course, there’s merit in taking the time to first explore all the facets of a potential solution. But we prefer getting started and improving along the way. Measuring how tech is used makes it much easier to perfect a product.

At Rosa, we value

Innovators are outlaws. They change the norm, sometimes by breaking the rules. Our team members are autonomous: we encourage them to try out daring solutions.

Of course, asking for permission is often necessary. But we support people who want to create a different future. If their idea works, we’ll adopt it. If it doesn’t, we’ll ask for forgiveness.

At Rosa, we value

We believe in life-long learning. Personal growth at any age. At Rosa, we always challenge what we think we know. Here, skills trump seniority.

So while experience matters to help fulfil needs, our team knows how important it is to collect new data, experiment and unlearn. We know we’re not always right.

Want to join the team?

Do you share Rosa’s vision and values, and want to be part of shaping the future of healthcare? We welcome spontaneous applications. Send us your résumé and we’ll be in touch.