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Your patients are going digital, we make that easy for you.

Discover our user-friendly digital solutions to improve your online presence, optimize appointment scheduling, and simplify electronic invoicing.
Delight your patients, while saving you time. 



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Rosa offers solutions to


Be found

Improve your online visibility with your Rosa profile

Be listed on Google and

Be found by your existing patients

Get new patients


Get booked

Manage your appointments easily with Rosa Calendar

Get booked online by your existing and new patients 

Avoid no-shows with automatic reminders


Get paid

Get paid faster and hassle-free with Rosa eBilling

Use electronic attestations and invoicing to simplify the process and reduce payment delays

Comply with new Belgian regulation


Protecting your data

We know our health and medical data are amongst the most private and sensitive data about us. That's why Rosa invests constantly in having the greatest standard of the industry. With robust security measures, strict compliance to GDPR and the ISO27001 certification, you can rest assured that your data remains private and well protected with Rosa.

Frequently asked question

Will it really take 5 minutes to set up?

Yes, depending on your use of Rosa:

  • Signing up and activating your Rosa Profile will take you less than 5 minutes.
  • Setting up Rosa Calendar takes between 20 minutes and 1 hour, depending on your needs and your way of working.
  • Implementing Rosa eBilling will be a piece of cake, thanks to the help of our team.


Can I migrate my data?

Yes, but only if your current solution allows it.

Reach out to your current provider to get your data and let us do the migration for you.

What's free? What's not?

Rosa offers free solutions for health professionals recognized by the NIHII: the Rosa Profile and Rosa Calendar. 

Rosa also offers premium plans for health professionals that want to use a selected set of features in Rosa Profile, Rosa Calendar and/or Rosa eBilling. Learn more about them on our pricing page.

How does Rosa rank search results on

Rosa allows patients to search for health professionals and book medical appointments online. To start a search, patients need to enter the name of a health professional or a specialty; and/or a location. Patients also have the possibility to filter and sort their search results.  

The search results are ranked based on the following logic: 

  • The health professionals that are listed in the search results are limited to those who have signed up to Rosa or who work for an organization that has signed up to Rosa; 
  • The search results will display health professionals ranked based on their distance to the searched location and their availability for new patients as from the date and time of the search. When two or more health professionals are located at the same location and have the same available slots, the ranking between them is made randomly;
  • Health professionals cannot pay for a better ranking; and
  • Ranking logic is validated by Rosa’s Ethics, Scientific and Medical Committee, a body composed of independent health professionals advisors.

The results list might be altered based on the filters and sorting preferences of the patient.